Hose Reels


Hose Reel Products

Manufacturer Supply Company carries a variety of hose reels and balancers. Contact an expert sales associate for more details at (630) 960-0801.


Reelcraft Hose Reels

Reelcraft hose reel designs have served the industrial and automotive markets for over fifty years. Complete in-house facilities, including an up to date powder coat painting operation, assure the most efficient production and stringent quality control. Due to these capabilities Reelcraft supplies the highest quality reels available at competitive prices.

Application engineers specialize in reels only, assuring prompt, correct information. Total control of manufacturing allows Reelcraft to consistently ship standard reels within fourteen days or sooner.

Reelcraft quality reels are serving every conceivable application from Alaska o the Middle East, including various military applications. We are particularly proud of withstanding rigid military tests, such as the shock and impact of the military parachute drop test.

Aero-Motive Hose Reels

Since 1939, Aero-Motive has focused its expertise on solving cable and hose handling problems. Aero-Motive has combined years of engineering experience and high quality, heavy gauge materials, with precision machining and experienced assembly personnel, to bring you the very finest in hose reels. Aero-Motive reels are designed to meet the rugged, demanding applications of mines, mills, and factories, providing years of trouble-free, dependable service.



Aeromotive Tool Balancers

With Aero-Motive balancers and support systems, tools are suspended and kept out of the way but easily accessible when required. The result is increased productivity and decreased worker fatigue and injury-particularly from cumulative trauma disorders (CTD). Linked to the repetitive lifting and operation of lightweight tools, CTD typically affects the wrists, arms, elbows, neck and lower back. Tool damage is reduced with Aero-Motive balancer products, because tool contact with the floor is prevented, and cords and hoses can be kept away from the work space, where they might be cut, frayed or damaged.

Aero-Motive balancers and torque arms and support systems are built tough to meet or exceed strict ISO 9001 standards, and they perform better and last longer than virtually any other similar products on the market. In fact, it’s not uncommon for Aero-Motive balancers to be in operation for a quarter of a century or longer.

ARO Hose Reels & Balancers

ARO Balancers are ideal for improving both the ergonomics and the productivity of a particular work area. They position tools within easy reach and take the weight of the equipment out of the operator’s hands, minimizing unnecessary actions and strain/fatigue. Equipment life is also extended by reducing tool wear and damage due to mishandling. Typical applications for ARO 2 to 15 lb. capacity balancers include electric and pneumatic power tools, strapping and staple guns, meat processing saws, portable rivet guns, and air/water host suspension.

Model 8375-( )
Large adjustment knob enables easy tension adjustment. Durable woven nylon cable provides smooth operation. Adjustable stop to set length of cable travel. Convenient 460 degree swivel and clevis pin hanger for easy mounting. Lightweight, high-impact composite case. Snap-type tool clip included.

Model 7472 , 5-lb. Capacity
Ideal for use with small to medium portable power tools, small fixtures, pendent stations and air hoses. Center-pull design for smooth performance. Adjustable spring tension. Adjustable cable clamp to set length for travel. Nylon coated steel aircraft cable for smooth, long lasting performance.

Model 7072-( ), 10 & 15-lb. Capacity
Rugged balancers suitable for a wide range of applications, including larger nutsetters and impact wrenches. Center-pull design for smooth performance. Adjustable spring tension. Adjustable cable clamp to set length of cable travel. Nylon-coated steel aircraft cable for smooth, long lasting performance. Durable steel housing.

Hose: 1/4″, 3/8″, & 1/2″ I.D.
Self-retracting for easy storage in minimum space to reduce clutter. Minimizes safety hazards from tripping or tangling. A low-cost alternative to bulky, expensive hose reels. Resistant to most chemicals, gasoline, oil and grease. Lightweight and highly flexible with 360 degree swivel fittings to reduce user strain and fatigue. Abrasion and corrosion resistant. Ideal for use with portable air tools, spray guns, moving air cylinders and hoists. Retractability is easily restored by reversing hose through its axis. Bulk hose available with fitting kits.