From Our Chairman

We maintain the largest inventory of Aro air tools, hoists, and pumps in the Northern Illinois area. Our experienced sales representatives are trained in problem-solving and will gladly consult with your plant engineering or maintenance staff on air tool applications. We also carry a wide range of air line accessories, including couplers and connectors, filters, regulators, lubricators, blow guns, and tool balancers.

You can always reach a knowledgeable Manufacturer Supply representative by telephone between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Your telephone or fax orders will be processed and shipped promptly. No minimum order. Feel free to call for advice on applications or to locate products to fill your special needs.

Hose is a specialty at Manufacturer Supply Company. We have a full stock of medium- and high-pressure hydraulic hose…air hose… Teflon hose…Nycoil coiled hose…and special application hose products…as well as a full range of fittings. We will cross-reference to meet your specifications and promptly ship bulk hose and fittings from our complete stock, or custom fabricate hose assemblies to your specifications. Our experienced technicians use special equipment to produce durable hose assemblies with reusable, crimp, or swage fittings. In emergencies, we can even make hose assemblies while-you-wait.

We back up what we sell with expert maintenance, too. Our expert technicians are prepared to repair air tools, hoists, self-feed tools, pumps, and other equipment. We maintain a full stock of factory parts, so you can be assured that your tool will be back on the job quickly. All repairs are guaranteed. When time is precious, ask about our emergency service.

When it’s time to move or install heavy machinery, call us first. We’re specialists in machine mounting, and our representative can make important recommendations on such important details as which mounts to use…whether the machine must be leveled…and whether an isolation block is required. We carry the popular Unisorb line of felt padding and can custom-cut pads for every mounting need. We also carry a full stock of leveling mounts…grout…vector bolts…jake bolts…and other machine mounting accessories.

Gerald Higgins

About Us

We are a family owned business that sells and services a variety of products to help you solve all kinds of manufacturing applications:

  1. Maintaining fluid flow within a printing operation for inks, coatings, and glues
  2. Fastening together plastic case components in an electronics operation
  3. Dispensing precise shots of 2 part epoxies or urethanes into control units
  4. Leveling, or isolating various machine tools for an injection molder, or tooling operation

We can be reached at (630) 960-0800 from 8:00-4:30 PM CST Monday thru Friday, and can also be contacted via e-mail at sales@mansupco.com.

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