Ergonomic Systems


Ergonomic System Products

Ergomation is the successful integration of the worker and the process environment…bringing together human and mechanical elements in the most efficient way possible to increase productivity and protect your investment in both worker and equipment.


Hubbell Workstation Kits and Torque Arms

Hubbell Workplace Solutions kits contain everything needed to assemble ergonomically sound fixed workstations or mobile productivity boosters. All fasteners are included, with most already in place. Torque Neutralizing arms are available for either air or electric tools. Light weight anodized aluminum arms support weight of tool and allow easy positioning while preventing transmission of rotational forces to worker’s hands or wrists.

D-G Industries Automatic Fastening Systems

Available in hand-held, fixtured, single or multi-spindle and robotic compatible configurations, these tools are uniquely designed driver mechanisms to install fasteners in difficult locations. Models are available to feed screws, nuts, drive screws, terminals, and specialty fasteners.



ETA Torque Arms and Tap Arms

Manufacturer Supply Company is a proud distributor of ETA (Ergonomic Tool Arms) Torque Arms and Tap Arms. All Ergonomic Tool Arms (ETA) products have a 3 year warranty against excessive wear.