Assembly Tools


Air, Electric, and Cordless Tools for Assembly

Manufacturer Supply Company has many years of experience in the industrial tool business.

We share the knowledge we have gained with our customers daily. Assembly tools, finishing tools, and special purpose tools are available for demonstration and evaluation by our customers. We have on-hand screwdrivers, nut setters, D.C. Electric screwdrivers, pulse nut runners, torque monitoring equipment, workstartions, drills, tappers, and impact wrenches. Our finishing tools are user friendly and competitively priced. We stock orbital sanders, grinders, polishers, buffers, and sanders both small and large. Call us for a free air tool catalog.


Ingersoll / Rand Electric Screwdrivers

View our product catalog for Ingersoll / Rand electric screwdrivers, including Low-Torque ES Series, High-Torque Brushless, High-Torque Versatec, and High-Torque ES Series.

Ingersoll / Rand Air Screwdrivers, Nutrunners

View our product catalog for Ingersoll / Rand inline air screwdrivers, including the Q2 Series, and the 1 series pistol grip inline air screwdrivers.

IR Air Screwdrivers

Ingersoll / Rand Cordless Fastening System

View our product catalog for Ingersoll / Rand’s QX system: an inline cordless fastening system that delivers closed-loop, multi-configuration control and precision at an affordable price.

Sioux Tools: Screwdrivers, Routers, Drills, Grinders, Sanders

View our product catalogs for Sioux Tools torque control screwdrivers, high-torque die grinders, pistol grip drills, random orbital sanders, routers, straight drum sanders, and specialty routers.



ASG Tools: Precision Pneumatic Screwdrivers

View our product catalog for ASG Tools, including their line of precision pneumatic screwdrivers that stop automatically when torque is reached.

Panasonic Precision Cordless Clutch Tools

View our product catalogs for Panasonic Tools including precision cordless clutch tools and mechanical pulse tools.